LCPA Webinar: Tips for Thriving in a Virtual World - Strategies for School, Career, and Exam Prep Success - Shared screen with speaker view
reagan robert
Hi everyone! Thanks for attending tonight. Below is the link to LCPA's FutureCPA page if you'd like some more free resources. https://www.lcpa.org/page/JoinFutureCPA
reagan robert
If you have any questions, you can contact me, Reagan Robert at rrobert@lcpa.org. The recording for this webcast will be posted to our website on Monday. Enjoy!
reagan robert
Tip: Being an active member in the Society of Louisiana CPAs is a great way to make connections in the field and looks good on a resume
Blake Martin
Would you recommend asking questions about the company's benefits package? If so, what stage of the interview process?
Blake Martin
Awesome! Thanks
reagan robert
Thank you Evan! This was an engaging and informative presentation.